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Bio Fert & Southern Humate

The BioFert process has been fully tested over past seasons with proven results.

It is now being released into the dairy industry.

BioFert on site composting unit - Simple, economical and safe on the enviroment.  No offensive smell, no rats, no leachate.  The result is a high nutrient soil conditioner for spreading over cultivated ground.

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You receive:

Bio Fert Composting Unit plus base material and Composting Activator Sufficient to compost 15 cubic meters or approximately 20 cows/30 calves or combinations thereof. Full instructions for processing

You only pay once for the BioFert container plus an ongoing annual maintenance charge.   Annual Maintenance - spreading and replenishment

Malcolm Sinclair is BioFert Southland Licensed Operator please Contact Malcolm for further information New Zealand

Newly discovered seam in private ownership right here in Waituna, Southland.

This is an exciting discovery showing consistent high levels of humic acid from mid 40 to mid 50 of humic acid content.

The key benefits of using Humate are: Balanced mineralisation leads to healthy soils structure, biology and plants. Healthy soils produce more mineral dense plants which in turn are more nutritious for livestock (require less) and human consumption. Better nutrition leads to stronger plants and animals with increased performance and better disease resistance.

Healthy soils have better moisture retention and at the same time are able to cope with excess water. Fertilisers are able to be held in the soil profile in a stable and plant available state for longer, with less leaching to the water table or gassing off to the atmosphere. We are able to use less product for more effective results. The growth of weed species is suppressed (weeds are an indicator of poor soil condition)

All these elements together result in a more efficient, resilient, environmentally sound, economically viable and more rewarding farming enterprise.

For more information and to see results from our tests, please visit the Southern Humates website;